JSE Workshop

We, the classes 3a,3b and 3c, had a great JSE Workshop with three native speakers. We enjoyed a lot of funny activities like cooking pancakes with various delicious toppings and playing funny games. However, what I liked best was the presentation. Every class worked on their own play and presented it in front of our teachers and some other classes. This presentation was great fun and during the workshop we learned a lot. If I could, I would do this workshop again.
Aurelia Telian, 3c


Some more quotes from the three classes:

The workshop was a great experience. I loved it!
Emma Reichart, 3c

We third formers had a thrilling and interesting English workshop and we learned a lot about the USA and how to play American Football. Dear second formers, look forward to your workshop next year!
Sophie Goldmann, 3b

It was very funny. The pancakes were delicious.
Luana Steppan, 3b

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new phrases. It was fantastic!
Ida Karg, 3c

I really enjoyed it. We made a lot of different things.
Mathea Mathis, 3a

We had a great time with Brendan, Rory and Alexander! I would love to do it again!
Isabella Hafner, 3c

Last week we had an awesome English workshop. We learned a lot and it was really funny. For example we played games and baked pancakes.
Valentina Tusch, 3b

The mentors were really cool and funny. The things we did were amazing.
Ella Gasser, 3b

The workshop was really great and I recommend it to all the third classes. It was really funny and interesting. Give it a hand. 😉
Katharina Feichtiner, 3b


JSE Workshop