Marketing lesson with Aaron Fox

Aaron Fox visited our class on the fifth of June and gave us a very interesting lecture on marketing. He has been living in Austria for two years now and for the last one and a half years he has been working in marketing for Wolford.

How does marketing work?

Basically, all they do is to collect our data. Mostly they get it from us, when we give our email address to a company. With that information they can send us personalized advertisements. The procedure is always the same: firstly, they want us to know that a certain brand exists, it’s called awareness. Secondly, the want to raise our interest, thirdly they try to develop our desire. Finally it should result in our action. Within those four steps it is important to communicate several things such as special features, events and discounts.

How do they know what we want?

They can select us according to our interests, our age, gender, race, the shops we are using, family, earnings, education.

How do they collect our data?

There are only two options, either we give them our data, or they buy it from a third party, which is more common as it is cheaper. The process afterward is carried out by a robot. Most information is gathered when you put things in your shopping cart.

The lesson with Mr. Fox was very interesting, we learned a lot of new things, it was also interesting to hear about it in English. We really enjoyed listening to the practical session by Mister Fox and could have listened to him for much longer but for now I would like to thank him in the name of the class for the great talk!

Tamara Bilgeri, IIa

Marketing lesson with Aaron Fox