Alexander, Brandon, Rory and Raphael –Quaterbacks and Cheerleaders at the Riedenburg

The team of Jump Start English walked in with a cheery wave and welcomed the girls of the 3a, 3b and 3c to three days of English and English only. Soon everybody knew that „give me a hand” was to give a round of applause – and there was a lot of that to be given . The four cool Americans cooked pancakes with the girls, played American football and quizzed them on general knowledge.


„Ich fand den Workshop sehr cool. Besonders daran gefallen hat mir, dass wir viel gelernt haben und sogar großen Spaß dabei hatten. Am besten hat mir das Drehen vom Film und das Pfannkuchen backen gefallen. Außderdem waren die Lehrer vom Workshop wirklich sehr nett, lustig und wir hatten großen Spaß. Ich finde es schade, dass es nur 3 Tage waren, aber ich würde den Workshop mit großer Freude immer wieder machen.”
Elena Preini, 3b

„The workshop was amazing. We did really cool stuff. For example: we played football, we also made pancakes. But the best thing was that we rapped with Brandon. It was really funny. I can’t wait to see them all again.”
Teodora Mladent, 3b

„The English workshop was amazing, interesting, cool, fantastic and very nice. The pacakes were really tasty. It was perfect. Thank you!”
Anna Goll 3c

„It was an amazing, super and nice workshop. We’ve learned a lot about the USA and the UK.”
Neele Schweikhart, 3a

„The English workshop was very nice, cool, informative. It was also nice that we cooked pancakes and played football. Thanks.”
Katharina Böck, 3b

Alexander, Brandon, Rory and Raphael…