Hi, we are Imma Plaza and Diana Mortera, two English teachers from Sacred Heart in Barcelona, a school with 2000 students.

We have prepared a project to be done with our middle school students.

The idea of the project is to make the students aware of how important it is to learn and live spreading kindness towards others and towards the environment.

Throughout ten weeks students of 1st ESO (12 years old) have carried out a challenge called “How can we make life better with kindness?”. The aim of it has been to organise and set up an International Bloggers Congress with students from Sacré Coeur-Jette (Brussels, Belgium), Sacred Heart Greenwich (Connecticut, USA), Sacré Coeur-La Perverie (Nantes, France) and Sacré Coeur- Riedenburg (Bregenz-Austria) to share and embrace environmental and social proposals on the same activities using kindness as a guideline.

As the challenge has been in English, students have practiced all their skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), as well as being able to present their ideas to an audience in a live connection.

Some of the activities have helped students not only to be aware on certain historical facts which had an environmental impact, but also how to avoid or minimize the consequences of them.

Moreover, they have learnt about other social and cultural backgrounds in order to empathise and help others.

We deeply believe in this project. We have already carried it out with 120 students throughout this school year and it is amazing to see how they get involved and appreciate it.

Students have realised that making people happy is really easy and simple. It all starts just with one person; and we are all part of a community.

Some of our students kind actions towards people are:

  • Helping their siblings with their homework.
  • Helping with house chores.
  • Helping their grands with technology and carrying the groceries bags.
  • Preparing a special dinner/breakfast for their families.

Some of our students kind actions towards environment:

  • Improving their recycling at home.
  • Being aware and trying to reduce electricity at home.
  • Picking up fag-ends and other rubbish at the beach or in parks.
  • Making home made paper.
  • Trying to save water from their showers or baths, setting timers and collecting cold water for the plants.