Kindness Challenge – Environmental Challenge 4abc

Together with Sacred Heart Schools in Spain, Belgium, France and the USA

Students from the class 4abc accepted the challenge to do something good every day. The Sacred Heart School of Barcelona originally initiated this environmental challenge and was joined by Sacred Heart schools in Belgium, France, the USA – and Austria! We all share the believe that everyone can contribute to make our world a better place. Be it by an act of kindness to people or to the environment.

On a daily basis the class achieved their aim, and some were even prepared to move out of their comfort zone. Here are some examples of their acts of kindness towards the environment:

  • reducing one’s water footprint
  • going by bike whenever possible and going grocery shopping for their parents by bike
  • reducing their Netflix consumption and online time in general!
  • preferring organic, regional and unwrapped food
  • buying glass bottles instead of the usual plastic bottles – and bringing them back for re-usage

Each individual act alone is valuable but together of course, they are powerful.

Well done all of you! It was astonishing what you managed to accomplish. Your commitment to look out for our nature in the future is especially noteworthy.


Susanne Hirner


It was kind of hard not to buy plastic because nearly everything is made of plastic. I told my parents about it and then they bought milk in a glass bottle. So, if we all do something then things will change!
Zoe Schütz

For me it was not so easy, but it was ok to do it. My mum wanted to go to the supermarket by car but then I went to the supermarket by bike instead of her. I think we could change something if we all work together.
Emilia Vögel

Last week our group started the project “the kindness week”. We were asked to help people and after that we should write down a few words on what we have done and how we felt doing this. I felt good being there for others, and it really helped me to think about my life. I think that it is very important to help other people. We are all able to do this every day.
Valentina Götze

My week of kindness was really successful, I got to know my neighbours better, helped my grandmother and also helped my mum with the housework. The whole week was amazing and I didn’t have to think about what I should do – I just did things I have always wanted to do, but I have always been a bit scared of. But an act of kindness doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can also be just helping a good friend with his homework or going for a walk and talking with your family.
Mia Almberger

The week of kindness made me feel really good because my parents are doing so much for me and I really appreciate it and it feels great to see people happy. My parents are working very much and I decided to make them happy, so I helped them in the household and they were happy about it and appreciated it very much. It’s a great feeling to make people who are important to you happy. I will definitely keep doing nice things because it makes me feel very good.
Antonia Brändle

Kindness Challenge – Environmental Challenge…