Challenge of Kindness – Kindness is smart

Sacré Coeur Riedenburg and Sagrat Cor de Sarrià Barcelona

On Monday May 30th the 2a, 2b and 2c had an online meeting with children from the Sacred Heart School of Barcelona. A few weeks before this day, we all did nice things for the environment or for other people, e.g. our parents. Then each English group chose one or more hosts and speakers. All of them wrote a text and the whole group decorated a nice poster. A week before that special meeting we practiced the meeting.

Then it was finally Monday and everyone was quite nervous. After the kids from Barcelona had showed us their power points, it was our turn. Everything worked quite well and it was a really nice and exciting experience talking with the kids in Spain. I think many children would love to do it again because it was very inspiring.

Anna-Sophia Wall, 2c


Some statements from the students:

I liked the kindness project because it made me and other people very happy and glad to live with such nice people. The coolest day was Monday because we had a video conference with the Sacred Heart School of Barcelona. They were all very nice and friendly to us. This week was one of the best weeks in my life.
Julius Mayer, 2b

It’s very important to help other people, make them happy and look after our earth. All students made a lot of impressive things for example they made compliments, cooked for their grandparents and recycled trash. I liked to talk and to do the kindness project with the Spanish people of the Sagrat Cor de Sarrià. It was a good feeling to see other people happy. I will always remember when I saw my grandfather with a big smile in his face.
Katharina, Teresa and Julien 2abc

We had an online meeting with the Sacred Heart School of Barcelona. It was fun to do and we also worked really hard for the challenge of kindness. Of course, everyone was nervous before the online connection. I was too, but we did great. The children in Barcelona had really nice power point presentations. I would love to do that again.
Ela Ülker 2b

I liked the kindness challenge because of the great feeling to help other people, or to make them happy. Every day I did new things and so it was entertaining and often really funny. The call with the partner school in Barcelona showed us how big the sacred heart network is.
Noemi Ölz, 2b

I was speechless when I heard that we were going to make a kindness week and that we were going to see Spanish kids! I hope we can see the Spanish kids again, they were so awesome!
Julia Arbeiter, 2c

I like the challenge of kindness because it was fun and we did nice things but the online meeting was the best. The kids in Barcelona were really funny and I enjoyed it. I will do it next year, too.
Emil Hase, 2c

It was nice to see other people from the other Sacré Coeur School in Barcelona. These pupils had very interesting power point presentations and could speak English very well. The other English groups of our school made beautiful posters. It was nice that all people put their hands in the air and sang “We are the world” together with the kids from Barcelona.
Emilia 2c

The kindness challenge was very cool because it feels good helping my mum for example because it made her happy and me, too. I found out that I love cooking and now it is my new hobby. I liked the project because it was fun to do the poster and to see another Sacred Heart School in Spain. The best was that we ate some snacks afterwards and took some photos.
Alina Pirker, 2a

I thought it was easy to do a kind act every day, but now I know it is hard, but it is rewarding and you care for each other. It can definitely intensify a friendship or a relationship. I like the meeting with the Spanish school because it is interesting what the other people did and all the power point presentations and posters are a good inspiration for me, how I can help the world and strangers. And it was funny to make others happy.
Mira Pfattner, 2a

On Monday May 30th we had an online meeting with children from the Sacred Heart School in Barcelona. I enjoyed it a lot to help other people and to save our nature. We helped our mums in the kitchen or brought the trash out. I collected some trash. We presented all we did in the online meeting.
Klara Wagner, 2c

I liked the fact that we saw a school from another country. Furthermore, it was awesome that we sang together. It was cool that the other school showed us their pictures and participated in the kindness challenge.
Unnamed student,  2abc

Elena, Julia and Annika 2abc (30.5.2022)


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