Challenge of Kindness Accepted!


Over the course of one week, three classes of 12-year-old students took on the “Challenge of Kindness”, initiated by our sister school Sagrat Cor Sarrià in Barcelona. Throughout the week, we all surprised our families and friends with a variety of both big and small acts of kindness. Finally, at an online conference both schools shared their projects and results, which was inspiring and fascinating.

 Freya and Annika:

“I think these actions of kindness improve my relationship with others since they are thankful and won’t forget my kindness that easily. I could probably continue being friendly because I like making people happy.”

Ida, Kathrin and Emma:

“Sometimes it was lots of work, but we did it, because we wanted to help people. We all enjoyed it because it was such a nice feeling. The people were always thankful and happy.”

 Noa and Justus:

“I think my kind actions have improved my relationship with other people.”

 Linda, Hannah, Kasper

“The Kindness Challenge was great! We loved to help other people and make them happy! We will continue to do kind acts and we want to be more environmentally friendly!”

Challenge of Kindness Accepted!