Why choose Sacré Coeur Riedenburg International?

Sacré Coeur Riedenburg is rooted in a long tradition of bilingual teaching with a strong emphasis on language acquisition. 

The vibrant international Sacré Coeur network in 40 countries on all five continents provides outstanding opportunities for student exchange among the school partners. 

Our boarding school and daycare centre are the ideal nurturing grounds for supporting our students’ personal, intellectual and emotional growth.

In a student-centred environment, tasks are elaborated into challenging projects addressing actual global issues which require an interdisciplinary approach.

Tolerance, a cosmopolitan attitude and respect towards other cultures are at the core of Sacré Coeur Riedenburg’s values.

Our objective is to provide personal growth, foster creativity and develop social responsibility.

Pedagogical concept

Starting from year one students receive intensive English and German language classes in addition to the curriculum to develop proficiency levels suitable for bi-lingually taught classes.

In addition to the intensive language classes performing arts and public speaking classes will be implemented, giving students the opportunity to put their acquired language to the test.

The Austrian national curriculum remains the foundation for the SCR International syllabus seconded by the framework of the IBO Middle Year Programme.

In upper secondary school, students can either go for the internationally standardised and externally assessed IB-Diploma Programme or choose a dual school certificate adding the Austrian Zentralmatura.

School fees day school 
1st - 4th grade€ 325 per month
5th grade€ 600 per month
6th grade€ 625 per month
7th grade€ 675 per month
8th grade€ 725 per month



our community and evolve into the best version of yourself!

Why choose Sacré Coeur Riedenburg…