Circus performances by the students at the International School Riedenburg

On Monday, the 12th of February an audience in the gym awaited eagerly the circus performances of the 1i class, and they were not disappointed: a variety of breathtaking acts were presented in English.

We asked Amelie Krauß and Viola Speckle from the 1i to tell us more:

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“For our performance in the circus we practised a lot. The whole 1i did something and had made an effort. Niqi was the circus director, Ivanna and Zoe planned everything, such as the tickets and overall time management. Sophie and Helena were very good at being the clowns, Romy and Sarina were the magicians, Johanna was the beautiful ballerina, and she did the make-up of everyone. Marie showed her football skills and Ahmed and Noah were the funny English- speaking monkeys.  Karina, the lion, told funny jokes and we, Amelie and Viola, were the gymnasts and showed our movements, such as cartwheels, walking on our hands, front flips. We hope you enjoyed it.”

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